One time when I was in middle school I was out on the Sound with my dad salmon fishing. The whole trip we were being harassed by a couple of seals that kept stealing our bait and probably taking the salmon off the hooks as well. Smart little fuckers. »8/13/15 4:08pm8/13/15 4:08pm

My name is John. Just John. Do I ever get called John? No. Johnny. John Boy. Jonathon (which is a different name). Johnny Boy. Johnny Johnny Bingo Cards. Sharkie. Jay. Jane. Chris (which is my middle name but how do they know??!). Or written, Jhon. Fuck the world and let it burn.
»8/05/15 5:56am8/05/15 5:56am

Your sarcasm is such an obvious shield to your insecurities. Every reply is sarcastic, as if you couldn't care like you're above it, but you took the time to reply and sarcastically comment on nearly every reply you received just to stir some shit. You're sad. »7/28/15 11:26am7/28/15 11:26am

Funny you should mention that. I have a friend who knows someone who works on the series. Foggy’s casting is totally family. He is related to folks working on the series. As is all things in Hollywood, it is who you know. Shame about Punisher. I am sure the new guy will do fine, but I actually met Ray Stevenson at a… »7/08/15 3:32pm7/08/15 3:32pm

My wife wanted an abortion at 10 weeks. I did not. We opted to split but she agreed to an early medical birthing procedure so I could raise my ?!? and not let her murder it. I was so happy, but that happeniness turned to sorrow when the 10 week old baby died in the crib. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a hardship I… »7/08/15 8:57am7/08/15 8:57am

or paying taxes, or doing all the jobs you don’t want to do, or spending money on rent, groceries and in other local businesses. Good thing. God forbid anyone who works 5 times harder and contributes more to the California economy than you do get a single drop. You have an estimated 2.6 million not 20 million… »6/16/15 5:58am6/16/15 5:58am

First of all, own your shit. You used ‘herm’ to be inflammatory, because you knew it was inflammatory. Just because ‘hermaphrodite’ exists as a word to describe a specific medical phenomenon does not make ‘herm’ ok. And again, you knew this. That’s why you used it. But since you claim that science and medical… »6/13/15 2:43pm6/13/15 2:43pm