or paying taxes, or doing all the jobs you don’t want to do, or spending money on rent, groceries and in other local businesses. Good thing. God forbid anyone who works 5 times harder and contributes more to the California economy than you do get a single drop. You have an estimated 2.6 million not 20 million… » 6/16/15 5:58am 6/16/15 5:58am

First of all, own your shit. You used ‘herm’ to be inflammatory, because you knew it was inflammatory. Just because ‘hermaphrodite’ exists as a word to describe a specific medical phenomenon does not make ‘herm’ ok. And again, you knew this. That’s why you used it. But since you claim that science and medical… » 6/13/15 2:43pm 6/13/15 2:43pm

The only Dave Matthews story I have is that many years ago, after I had moved to Chicago without really knowing anybody, I was invited to a party by this woman in a class I was taking. I was so happy to be invited to something, where I might have the opportunity to maybe start meeting people and making friends. I… » 6/03/15 12:14pm 6/03/15 12:14pm